• Help your student stay organized and ready to learn by encouraging him or her to have these materials packed and ready for school every evening.

    Binder with five dividers (or pages with post-it notes, available from Mrs. Horak)

    • Yellow for Word Work
    • Red for ELA (projects/grammar)
    • Green for social studies
    • Blue for math
    • Orange for science
    • If students wish to make straight lines for their graphic organizers, they make keep a ruler tucked in the pocket of their binder
    • Extra loose-leaf notebook paper should also be kept in the pocket of the binder and not placed ahead of time in the note sections


    Composition Notebook for use as a writing journal

    Composition Notebook for use as a reading journal

    Take Home Folder for Paperwork

    Pencil Bag with 4 sharpened pencils, eraser, scissors, and NOTHING ELSE

    Refillable water bottle so we can stay healthy AND on-task (WATER ONLY)

    Headphones to be used with the laptop

    Their charged laptop