• Assignment for the dates 3/17/20 - 3/27/20 (extension through 4/3/2020):

    After the coming week and Spring Break, everything will be moving to Canvas. Please finish this work and get it to me before the assigned date! If you have any questions, please email me using YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL, and include your name and what is wrong. Many of you have been sending me emails that look like text messages from emails I do not recognize; starting today, I will not reply to them unless they include your name (full name). I do realize that the site has been down and asking for access codes which prompted the extension! I am hoping to have the issue resolved by Monday!

    Read Chapter 5 in your textbook, page 129-166. If you do not have your textbook, you can find it through the connect app on your Launchpad. You will then answer the section review questions on pages 140, 147, 152, 159, and 165; then complete the chapter review on pages 167 and 168.

    This is the app