• Guidelines for NJROTC Cadets


    Beginning School Year 2020-2021, NJROTC will be using Canvas for both Face to Face “F2F” and Virtual or online to offer courses to students enrolled in Naval Science (1-4).


    It is a new platform that all of you will need to be familiar with. The Richmond County School System has provided several orientations to ensure students and parents have the tools they need to be ready to use this new Learning Management System - Canvas. Cadets, after accessing the links listed below, if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of the instructors.


    Getting Started with Canvas - Learning Management System (LMS):

    • Check your technology to ensure that it is working properly
    • Be sure to have your username and password


    • Use this below link to access Canvas:



    • Ensure your parent also know how to access canvas by using this below link:




    • Canvas can be used on and offline. It is strongly recommended that you download Canvas Courses offline.
    • Student Canvas Support Guides:




    Week 1.               

    • Program Orientation – Introductory/Admin
    • NJROTC Standards/Expectations
    • (Classroom policies/practices F2F and Virtual)
    • NJROTC Required Special Training
    • Evaluating Learning Style
    • NJROTC Uniform Regulations (Uniform)
    • NJROTC Customs – Cadet Creed (Cadet Handbook)

    Week 2.

    • Faces of NJROTC Video - Discussion
    • NJROTC Uniform Regulations (Wearing/Grooming)
    • NJROTC Leadership Staff Chain of Command – (Cadet Handbook)
    • NJROTC Teams Formation (Drill/Marksmanship/Academic/Athletic/Color Guard)
    • Military Key Terms


    Links to Textbooks: NJROTC Website on the NJROTC Publication at the webpage below.



    Cadet Field Manual                           Ref: #1 

    Cadet Handbook                                Ref#13 

    Cadet Reference Manual                 Ref: #2 

    Introduction to the Navy JROTC    Ref: #9 

    Naval Science 2, 3rd Edition            Ref: #5 and #7 

    Naval Science 3, 3rd Edition            Ref: #6 and #8

    Leadership & Ethics  (NS-4)             Ref #11 

    Cultural Studies Awareness (NS-4) Ref: #4