PE Activities at Home

  • Directions: Students should perform their daily warm-up exercises and one optional activity 3 days a week. It is recommended that your child exercises for 30 minutes a session.  Students should list the activity and the total amount of time spent during their sessions

    Daily Warm-Up Exercises: 3-5 minutes Exercises (rotate the first four exercises; stretches don’t rotate)

    10 Jumping Jacks

    10 Squats

    10 Push-Ups

    20 Curl-Ups 

    Optional Activities (All activities are pending parent approval and guidance):

     - Locomotor skills (hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, run, or walk)

    - Manipulative Skills: tossing a ball, catching a ball, soccer dribbling, basketball dribbling, etc.

    - Bear crawl, crab walk, seal walk, alligator crawl, centipede, and rocket roll

    - Play a tag game with your family

    - Jump Rope

    - Ride a bike/scoote

    - Play at the park/playground

    - Play Just Dance/Just Dance on Youtube

    -GoNoodle is a great source for exercise