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  • 1/14/2021 Tribute to the Dog

    Click on Distance Learning to Locate ELA Assignments: REMEMBER ALL ASSIGHNMENTS WIIL BE LOCATED ON PAGES 93-97 follow the directions below. 

    Directions: Follow the directions listed below to complete the assignments Holt McDougal Online Lessons. The students will go to the RCSS  Launchpad and click on HMH Central icon Georgia Collections -Grade 6 Book. Then, look to your far right and click on the arrow and click on Student eBook. Go to page locate and type in pages 93. Vocabulary Activity using the terms on Friday. 

    Read the story: Tribute TO THE DOG pages 93-94. Define the key terms and the definitions in Bold on the page: ELA Notebook Section: 
    1. malice
    2. reared
    3. treacherous
    4. prosperity
    5. embrace
    6. pauper
    7. take wings
    8. their way

    Page 95: Define these additional terms and also place in your ELA Notebook Section: 
    1. Argument
    2. Claim
    3. Support
    4. Reasons
    5. Evidence
    6. Counterargument
    7. evaluate

    Ask yourself: Judge the evidence to support the claim. Write a paragraph to demonstrate the logic of the story answering tyhe following questions below: 
    a. Has the speaker included enough reasons and evidence to support the claim in the story?
    b. Do the ideas make sense? Do they flow in a logical way?
    c. Has the speaker thought about opposing ideas and provided counterarguments? 

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  • 1/15/2021 TRIBUTE TO THE DOG


    Directions: Write two paragraphs explaining the pros and cons of the story by  identifying text evidence and details to support the argument in the story. View the video explaining the purpose of textual evidence. Read the passage and discuss the Text Evidence on after viewing the video.


    The author of this speech. argues that a dog is more faithful to its owner than the owner's friends and family. The student will identify text evidence and other details that support this argument. 


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  • 1/19/21: Trace and Evaluate an Argument

    Directions: ReviewThe Tribute to the Dog on pages 93-95. Use the Writing Process and check assignment before submitting your work. 

    "Tribute to the Dog"is a persuasive speech, which is a talk or public address that has a clear argument. An argument expresses a position and supports it with reasons and evidence. To analyze how an argument is constructed, you can trace, or follow the reasoning of an argument as follows: 

    Directions: Write the BOLD words and define the terms place in the students ELA notebook section to study as a reference for a test. 
    a. Identify the claim, which is the speaker's position on the issue or problem.
    b. Look for support which consists of reasons and evidence to prove the claim. Reasons are statements made to explain an action or belief.
    Evidence includes specific factis, statistics, and examples.
    c. Notice whether the author includes a counterargument, and argument made to address opposing viewpoints.

    To find these elements, identify and analyze particular sentences or paragraphs that contribute to the developement of the speaker's argument.  After you trace an argument, you can evaluate, or judge, its effectiveness to whether or not the evidence is logical and convincing: Ask yourself: 

    Use the questions below to write a paragraph indicating the following questions.
    1. Has the speaker (author) included enough reasons and evidence to support the claim?

    2. Do the ideas make sense? Do they flow in a logical way?

    3. Has the speaker thought about opposing ideas and provided counterarguments? 

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  • 1/20/21: Tribute to the Dog

    Directions: Read page 96. Complete Analyzing the Text

    Cite Textual Evidence: 

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  • 1/21-22/21: Analyzing the Text

    Cite Textual Evidence:

    View the video what does it mean to site textual evidence located
    on youtube. 

    Argumentative Writing Video
    Directions: Analyzing the Text on page 96 complete questions (1-5).
    Cite Text Evidence: Support your responses with evidence from the text. 

    1. Identify: What claim does Vest make in his speech?

    2. Infer: Reread lines 1-12. Identify the counterargument Vest presents. Why might the have chosen to begin the speech with a counterargument?

    3. Summarize: Reread lines 13-15. Summarize the reasons and evidence Vest uses to support his claim. Explain whether he successfully supports his claim. 

    4. Analyze: Review lines 26-34. What is Vest's final appeal to his audience? What emotion does he appeal to ? What words and phrases does Vest use to represent this appeal?

    5. Evaluate: Review the Vest's claim and how he supports it. Do his ideas make sense to you? Do you find his argument persuasive? Why or why not? 

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  • 1/25/21: Critical Vocabulary


    Remember: The students will use the Student eBook located on RCSS Launchpad HMH Central, Holt McDougal Online, click on Resource arrow to the right and  then, click on Student eBook. At the top you will see an area for the page number type in page 97.

    Directions: Complete the Critical Vocabulary: 

    a. malice
    b. treacherous
    c. prosperity
    d. embrace

    Complete: Practice and Apply Answer the questions listed below:

    1. If someone shows malice, is he or she acitng kind or cruel? Explain

    2. If someone was treacherous, would you share a secret with that person?

    3. If a country has prosperity, how do its citizens feel? Why?

    4. Which would you rather have in your embrace.... a dog or a porcupine? 

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  • i-Ready and USA Test-Prep

    ELA: Complete 1 hour of i-Ready and USA Test-Prep each day. 

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  • Change Testing Due Date to April 17,2020 Crispin the Final Test!!!

    Test for 1st Period Students:

    http://www.bookrags.com/lessonplan/crispin/test4.html#gsc.tab=0   Test #1: Crispin Final Test for 1st period students. The first part of this test is multiple-choice.The second part wil be open-ended questions. The test is based on discussion and information right from the text. Make sure to include all parts of the essay questions.The more detail, the better score!!!



    Test for 2nd and 3rd Period Students:

    http://www.bookrags.com/lessonplan/crispin/test2.html#gsc.tab=0  Test #2: Crispin Final Test for 2nd period students. The first part of this test is multiple-choice. The second part will be open-ended questions. The test is based in discussion and information right from the text. Make sure to include all parts of the essay questions. The more detail, the better score!!!


    Copy and Paste the Link in the Search Bar. "Do Not Pay For This Test." Forward the test and answers to my email address.


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  • ELA: Crispin Morning Assignments pages 50-58. Work on one sheet each morning as a warm-up.

    Define vocabulary on pages 308-310 in place in ELA Notebook or folder. Review all Chapters. Each students was ask to take their Crispin Book home to complete classwork.  Study for the Unit Test on April 1,2020. https://www.amscopub.com/products/pdfs/e_tr/79699.CrispinPTR.pdf

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  • ELA Websites:

    I-Ready Lessons, I-Ready Teacher Lessons, USATEST-Prep: Students are responsible for reading their ELA resources for 1 hour.

    Other resources that are helpful for Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, Listensing and Speaking. Try to limit yourself to the amount to games to reinformce the skills.

    www. ReadWorks.org




    Reminder: USATEST -PREP ELA assignments are located under Mr. Smith's name. Please look you have 50 assignments to work too assist you with your reading comprehension and other skills during your online lesson. (I hour ) USATEST -PReP. Available on 03/17/2020. 
    I-Ready Lessons are listed and will are available on 03/17/2020.
    Complete all work as if you were in school. Work at a pace. Remember all work will be graded.

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