• Daily exercises:

    From the 5 fitness components

    Body composition - Check your height and weight.

    Cardiovascular endurance - Running.

    Muscular strength - Push ups.

    Muscular endurance - Curl ups.

    Flexibility - Toe touches, tricep stretches and bicep stretches.


    ABCs of Activity:

    Use the following alphabet list to determine your activities based on your name!  If you name is Zoe you do the activities listed for the letters Z, O and E.  You can also use your spelling words to try different activities.  Have fun and stay active.

    Letter activities


    Please find below worksheets you can do to familarize yourself with vocabulary and how it relates to your activities.

    Circulatory crossword

    Fitness and nutrition word search

    Match sports

    Teeth crossword

    Heart word search

    Digestive word search

    Bones diagram

    Nervous system presentation

    Your eyes

    Your ears



    • The heart is a muscle
    • The heart pumps blood
    • Blood carries oxygen
    • to our muscles for energy.



    • Cranium
    • Mandible
    • Humerous
    • Femur (The femur is the longest bone in the body.)
    • Fibia
    • Tibia
    • Ulna
    • Radius


    Online Physical Education Network:

    See the following link to activities you can do and an April activity calendar.  Please following the instructional of an adult.

    OPEN website


    FITT, Healthy Foods and Food Pyramid Activities:

    The following is a FITT presentation and a Jeopardy game that you can play with your family.

    FITT presentation

    FITT Jeopardy game


    The following is a Food Pyramid presentation and a Jeopardy game that you can play with your family.

    Food Pyramid presentation

    Healthy food Jeopardy game