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    I hope you and your familes are okay, are remaining safe during this time, and enjoyed your spring break. We are getting back into the swing of things and below I have planned out everything that you need to complete over the next 10 days.

    Algebra II

    For the next 10 days (day 14-23), we will finish the logarithmic and exponential functions unit on ixl.com. If you need your login information, please e-mail me at turnega@richomd.k12.ga.us.

    Day 14 – S.4

    Day 15 – S.5, S.6

    Day 16 – S. 8, S.9 *** UPDATE: It should have been S.7 and S.9***However, I wiill give credit if you did S.9

    Day 17 – S.12

    Day 18 – S.13

    Day 19 – S.14

    Day 20 – S.1

    Day 21 – S.3

    Day 22 Review for quiz

    Day 23 Quiz CLICK HERE



    I am giving you a choice of how you spend the next 10 days. You can either increase your grade by doing the assignments in the option 1 box or you can increase your 3rd 9 weeks grade by doing the grade recovery on Edgenuity. If you choose option 1, you must e-mail me to let me know which assignments that you have completed (note that some assignments require you to do 2 assignments). If you choose option 2, below is only a guide to completing the grade recovery. You must e-mail me when you are ready to take the assessment.


    Option 1

    Option 2

    Day 14

    X.1, X.2 (one grade)

    Add/Sub Matricies

    Day 15

    X.3, X.4 (one grade)


    Day 16


    Scalar/Matrix Multiplication

    Day 17

    X.5, X.9 (one grade)


    Day 18



    Day 19

    Y.1, Y.2 (one grade)


    Day 20

    Y.3, Y.4 (one grade)


    Day 21

    Y.5, Y.6 (one grade)


    Day 22

    Y.7, Y.8 (one grade)

    Solving Matix Equations

    Day 23




    Algebra I

    We will work to reinforce all understandings of graphs. The following are the ixl assignments to be completed. I will place example problems on my padlet website www.padlet.com/turnega/algebra1.

    Day 14 – G.1

    Day 15 – R.3

    Day 16 – S. 3

    Day 17 – S.7

    Day 18 – S.8

    Day 19 – S.19

    Day 20 – S.20, S.21

    Day 21 – S.24

    Day 22 X.2

    Day 23 X.3



    First and foremost, make sure that you are safe during this time away from school. I have modeled a suggested sequence for you to follow for the break based on the course that you take. Remember, there will be videos to assist you at http://www.padlet.com/turnega/algebra1.


    Algebra II




    Day 1 Review for UNIT 4b TEST

    Day 1 Finish P. 4, 5, 6

    Day 2 UNIT 4b TEST (nearpod.com)

    Day 2 P. 7, 8

    Day 3 R. 1, 2

    Day 3 P. 9

    Day 4 R. 3

    Day 4 P. 1

    Day 5 R. 4, 5

    Day 5 P. 2, 3

    Day 6 R. 6, 7

    Day 6 P. 10, 11

    Day 7 R. 8, 9

    Day 7 P. 12

    Day 8 R. 10, 11

    Day 8 P. 13

    Day 9 R. 12, 13

    Day 9 Review For Quiz

    Day 10 Intro to Logarithms Quiz

    Day 10 Conic Sections Quiz




    Algebra 1 must log into the launchpad (https://launchpad.classlink.com/rcboe), click blended learning tab, and finish the Turner Algbera 1 Distant Learning class.

    I pray that everyone remains safe while we are out.

    Gabriel Turner