• For all of us, this is a scary time. I will be thinking about each of you as we are all uncertain about where any of this may take us. Please stay safe and remain within the confines of your home as much as possible. Take time to enjoy your family and do some great family activities such as watching a movie, completing a puzzle, or even pulling out the old photo albums and reminisicing about past events and holidays. 

    But more than anything else, please remember those who simply are experencing a difficult time right now. Remember the elderly who may be struggling to have enough food to eat or to have anyone even check on them. Remember those parents who may be without childcare and are faced to miss work, often with no pay. Remember those who have to work such as the medical profession or law enforcement related jobs. This is not a vacation for many, but a time when their services are needed more than ever before. I have shared that my daughter is a nurse at a nursing home, and they are considering having the nursing staff to stay their continually to provide the needed care. This means the nurses would not be able to see their spouses or their children for an extended period of time. Remember our local churches as many of them are having to cancel services. Remember our small business owners who may struggle with the economic impact of this catastrophe. 

    And remember our political leaders, both home and in other avenues. They are all being faced with making great decisions which could have lasting impacts. 

    I am thinking about each of you as I type. I know you are worried about sports, the prom, graduation, and other end of the year events. But right now, your health and safety if everyone's main concern. Hopefully, many of our events can be rescheduled for later dates. 

    As a teacher, I am worried about all of my students. I hope you all take this time away from school very seriously. Listen to the news and please obey any curfews which may be issued. I know many of you love to have fun and hang out with friends and do fun stuff, but be careful. Just a moment of fun can easily lead to a lifetime of regret. 

    I heard someone say that we are to vote for Teacher of the Year soon. But things like that are not important to me as I grow older. What's important to me is you, my student. I want to be able to see you again soon so that we can learn together. I want to be able to argue with some of you again over petty stuff such as a zero in the gradebook or forgetting to use a comma correctly. I want to be able just to know that you are all safe and secure until we are together again. 

    Please contact me through email if you need to talk or even if you just need someone to care. Don't put your personal business out for everyone to know, but let me know you have a concern. I want to be here for you even if we're a few miles apart. Rest and enjoy your time. Do your school work just to keep your mind occupied. Remember to enjoy the small things in life.

    Tell someone you love them. Share a smile. Encourage a struggling neighbor. Just don't let this time go my unused. I am here for all of you.