• Hello, my kids and families!

    Posted by Terri Kelley on 3/22/2020

    Hello, everyone! I just wanted to write a short blog about the current situation in which we find ourselves: Coronaville. Ok, I just made that word up. There's no such thing as "Coronaville", but that's what it feels like to me. Stuck out here in the country, missing my wonderful students, my co-workers. Missing the ability to eat out on some evenings at my favorite resaurants...Life is challenging at the moment, but guess what? We're all handling well!


    That brings me to my next paragraph.


    I am so proud of those of you who have been going on DOJO and finding your Class Story pdf file which lists everything you must complete each day. The pdf file will be uploaded by 8 a.m. every single weekday. So, you should be up, dressed, and ready to learn just as if you were coming to school. You should set aside the hours between 8 and 12 to do your work. That still gives you half of the day off! What a deal!


    So, if you haven't done any work or haven't finished everything from last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, it's not too late. Get it done today. Because, next week starts tomorrow and with it will come five more pdf pages (one per day) with five subjects worth of assignemnts that must be completed daily. I can't wait to see what you do.


    P.S. I've got some big prizes for those of you who complete all of your work and who do the best you can do! I'll write more about that on another day. But, believe me, they're really cool prizes!

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