• First Grade Syllabus



    First Grade Expectations

    • Consistently demonstrate behaviors for learning and following school rules.
    • Read 35 books or more for the year.
    • Demonstrate fluent mastery of number sense skills (basic facts +/-, place value,

                    comparing numbers, problem solving.

    • Confidently read on or above grade level (60+ words per minute) and support

                    thinking with supporting evidence.

    • Cleary communicate ideas orally and use appropriate capitalization and end marks

                    when writing.


    Students are expected to consistently demonstrate behaviors of learning.

    See student’s daily homework folder for daily progress and comments.


    BL1.Follows oral and written directions/on task.

    BL2.Works independently.

    BL3.Works cooperatively.

    BL4. Participates in class/engaged & pays attention.

    BL5. Completes class work.

    BL6. Completes homework.

    BL7. Produces BEST work.

    BL8. Demonstrates self-control/not disruptive.

    Instructional Resources:

    Envision Math Benchmark               Literacy RUBICON                                Georgia Studies Weekly

                                                Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Georgia Science

                                  Georgia’s Social Studies, Math, Science, & ELA Frameworks

    *See class webpage for additional resources.




    Grading Categories

     Students will be graded using standards-based grading. Classwork and assessments will be used to evaluate progression towards mastery of standards. Grading will represent student progress towards meeting the academic standards using the rating scale below.

    • Level 1=Score of 59 and below= (Beginning Learner) Limited or minimum progress toward achievement of standard.
    • Level 2=Score of 79-58= (Developing Learner) Progressing toward achievement of the standard.
    • Level 3= Score of 100-80= (Proficient Learner) Consistently and independently achieves the standard.
    • Level 4= Score of 100+= (Distinguished Learner) Consistently and independently achieves the standard with evidence of exceeding the standard.

                              Homework & Subjects Taught in First Grade

    Homework is an important part of students’ practice to develop skills and build

    mastery. This important behavior will be included in Behaviors for Learning, item BL6.


    Subjects: Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies/Science