Grade 4 - ELA Overview

  • Reading  
    In 4th Grade Reading, students will read, think, and write about lots of different types of texts. We will read stories, articles, poems, plays and talk about all the different important features of those texts. Students will think critically, creatively, and logically as they build new knowledge through reading.

    Georgia standards of excellence: English Language Arts Standards:  


     4th Grade ELA Standards


    Students will focus on many aspects of reading, including:

    • Comprehension

    • Vocabulary

    • Fluency

    • Connections

    • Enjoyment






    Writing in 4th grade gives the students a pathway to show understanding of information they take in. Students are now writing to communicate with others. Writing tasks will be found in all areas of the curriculum, as students use writing to explain math, tell about history, explore scientific topics, and share their own creative thoughts.

    Writing instruction in ELA will include grammar and spelling as well as foundational skills in the different writing genres. Students will learn to write many different types of texts, including:

    • Narrative

    • Informational

    • Opinion



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