If your child needs to take mediction at School, go to health forms on this site and download a general medication form or a medication form for Asthma or Allergies. Prescription medicines need to have a Parent's signature and a Doctor's signature. If your Child needs just an over the counter medicine at School, I just need Parent's signature on the medication form.

    The School cannot accept medications without the  appropiate signed medication form.

    Parents are to bring the medication and medication form to the School office.

    Please do not give medication to Students to bring to School.

    Please do not put any medication on buses.

    Pick up all medicine at the end of School year.



    Parents if your child is diagnosed with any contagious illnesses  or diseases, please  notify School or the School Nurse.

    Notify the School Nurse and Teacher if your Child has any allergies. If allergies are severe you may want to bring epi-pen to School for your Child.

    If your Child has asthma, please consider having an inhaler at School for emergencies.