• Goshen Elementary  

    General Music Syllabus 

    2020 - 2021 


    Course Description:  Engage the student in exploration of creating, performing, and responding to music, while connecting the world of music to other areas of learning and personal endeavors. 

    Units:  Specifics for each unit and each grade level can be found on the teachers website under the grade level tabs. 

    - Foundations of Music 

    2 - Music is Tuneful 

    3 - Music is Expressive 

    4 - Musical Instruments and Form 

    Grading:  We will use the Richmond County Board of Education "Elementary General Music Rubrics" for grading purposes.  You may see the specific standards and how they are graded under the tab "Elementary General Music Rubrics" on the teacher's website. 

    Grades in K - 3 will be 1 - 4 to indicate the following:  Note that some skills are evaluated by teacher observation and others by written assignments.  

    1 - Does not meet expectations (off task) 

    2 - Not yet within expectations (developing learner) 

    3 - Fully meets expectations  

    4 - Exceeds Expectations. 

    Grades in 4th - 5th will also use the rubric but will receive a grade of 60 – 100.  Some skills will be tested by observation and some by written assignments. 

    1 - Does not meet expectations (off task) 60 - 70 

    2 - Not yet within expectations (developing learner) 70 - 80 

    3 - Fully meets expectations:  80 - 95 

    1. Exceeds expectations: 95 - 100 

    Classroom Rules and Expectations 

    In order to have a productive and fun time in the music class there are general rules and expectations: 

    1 - Enter and exit in an orderly manner 

    2 - Sit in your assigned spot or seat 

    3 - RESPECT ALL!  Yourself, your classmate and your teachers and administrators. 

    4 - RESPECT YOUR ENVIRONMENT!  Keep the classroom clean.  Take care of instruments and materials.  Follow protocol for playing and using instruments. 

    - Use your listening skills. 

    6 - Follow classroom protocols for pencil sharpener, tissue and sanitizer, handing out materials, taking up materials, etc. 


    In general "Can't we all just get along?" 

    Classroom discipline  

    This is rarely needed in the music class because we are generally very busy doing music.  But in cases where needed the following steps will be taken: 

    - Verbal warning 

    - Changing of seat assignment and notification to Homeroom Teacher 

    - Time out to think 

    - Discipline essay (for 3rd - 5th grades only) 

    5 - Phone call home 

    In extreme discipline cases steps may be skipped and administration notified of immediate attention needed.  

    Online Learning Expectations: 

    For students who have opted to do the online learning in the school system there will be online modules and assignments in Canvas that will coincide with what we are doing in the physical classroom.  Students who are learning online will be expected to complete the assignments in a timely manner.  Some assignments will require recordings for the teacher to assess skills required for the assessment of specific standards.   The music teacher will work with the grade level online teacher to ensure that lessons and assignments are ready for the online learning experience.  Modules and assignments will include videos, recordings, games, and texts. 

    Materials and supplies 

    Classroom materials such as books, cd's, videos, instruments, etc. will stay in the music classroom 

    Once students have been given their STEAM journals, they will need to bring them and a pencil to class with them to the music class from time to time.  The teacher will inform them of the dates they need to bring their journals to class. 


    Generally, homework is not assigned for the music class.  A project is assigned to 4th and 5th graders at the end of the year during the final unit that will need to be completed at home and brought to school. More information on the project will be given at the time of the assignment.  

    Teachers contact information:   The best way to contact the teacher is via e-mail. 

    You may contact the teacher at:  avretan@richmond.k12.ga.us 

    The schools phone number is: (706) 796-4646.  Please note that you must leave a message and the teacher will get back to you as soon as possible.  The teacher is involved in classes most of the day.