Classroom Rules

  • The overarching expectation in this class is RESPECT: respect for yourself, respect for other students, respect for the teacher/or any individual in authority. These are not the only rules but a few helpful reminders.

    • Always Try YOUR BEST!!! I will not settle for anything but your best!! 
    • Participation is a must, in a virtual class if you do not ask questions or raise your virtual hand I cannot help.
    • All student/teacher chats are recorded, if a student uses inappropriate language, bullies, or becomes disruptive a discipline referral shall be completed along with parent contact.
    • Any inappropriate documents that are uploaded by a student will be attached to a discipline referral along with parent contact.
    • All student microphones will be muted during any live video chats and students will able to ask questions at designated times during a lesson. Please be patient and write down questions you may have during a lesson.
    • Choose a quiet place, free from distractions. Turn off cell phones, TVs, etc. Exit other applications on your computer prior to entering the classroom.
    • Dress appropriately. Remember this is still a classroom setting.
    • Use your full name when you sign into the classroom.
    • Be respectful. 




    Class Dojo will be a primary source of communication and will continue to serve as a helpful behavior tool even in the virtual world. Once I have correct contact numbers I will send out a Class Dojo code for you to connect to my class.