• Supplies for Making Art at Home

    art corner

    Finding a place that your child can make art at home is really important. It does not need to be a whole room, just a corner where your child can find his/her art supplies and make art. Even a table such as a TV table will work as long as they can get a little messy and keep supplies out of the way of baby siblings. A chair that parents can sit in to talk about what your child is making is also nice. It is fun to fix up the space. Should the school go back to a shelter in place learning, you will be ready for art.

    Here are some basic supplies for at-home art-making:

    1. A bottle of Elmer's glue (washable school glue is good)
    2. a tablet of paper (computer paper is fine)
    3. A packet of Construction paper with several colors
    4. A pencil, and hand sharpener
    5. A separte eraser
    6. Scotch tape or masking tape
    7. Crayola Water Color set (It comes with a nice brush)
    8. Crayons (I like twistables - no paper to deal with)
    9. Children's scissors
    10. Apron or large t-shirt 
    11. Box, dedicated drawer, or plastic container to hold all the supplies

    *Please remember this is a suggested list for materials at home; and is not required