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    My name is Mrs. Shea Beasley and I am the school counselor at Goshen Elementary. I'm so excited to support the students, parents, teachers and administration here at Goshen! I am a native of Georgia and fully enjoy all the awesome activities, sites and history that the city of Augusta has to offer. 

    I received my undergraduate degree from Augusta State University and my graduate degree from Cambridge College. I am currently working on my specialist degree and I will complete this journey by spring of next year. YAY!

    I am entering my fifteenth year as an educator and each year I learn more amazing interventions and strategies to add to my counseling toolbox. School counselor's are governed by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). This organization supports counselors' efforts to help students focus on academic, career and social/emotional development so they can achieve success in school and prepare to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society. A primary goal I have here at Goshen is to develop a comprehensive school counseling program. One way to achieve this is to work with all students by providing them with individual counseling, small group counseling and classroom guidance lessons. 

    I'm so excited to meet each and everyone of you!

    I can be reached at:


    Goshen Elementary School

    4040 Old Waynesboro Road

    Augusta, Ga. 30906

    E-mail: beaslsh@richmond.k12.ga.us

    office: (706) 796-4646 Ext. 1431

    Fax: (706) 796-4676