World Geography
  • General Course Outline


            First  Nine Weeks                                                  

    I. Five Themes of Geography                                    

    II. Tools of the Geographer                                   

    III.  Interaction of Physical and Cultural Geography                                                          

    IV. Canada and the United States   

    V. Latin America


         Second Nine Weeks 

       I. Euro

     II. Sub-Saharan Africa

     III.  East Asia and Central Asia

      IV. Southeast Asia

World Geography

  • World Geography is designed to be a one semester course.  We will begin our study with background information covering the five general themes of geography, the tools of the modern geographer and then begin examining the different physical and cultural regions of the earth within the framework of five general themes.  The following information should be helpful in giving you an idea about course expectations and student responsibilities:


    1. Students must keep up with an orderly notebook. (three ring binder) Organize the

                 notes, study guides, maps and other classroom materials.


    1. Read the assigned selections from the textbook. World Geography, MGraw Hill


    1. There will be group work and independent work done outside of the classroom assigned during the semester.


    1. The grading scheme for a nine week period will adhere to the following pattern:

     a) Homework- Classwork notebook      30%

    b) Formative Quiz average                     40%   

    c) Summative Tests average                20%

    d) Participation                                     10%


    1. Make-up work and missed assignments are the responsibility of the student. Absences on test days must be accompanied by an excused note in order to be eligible for a make-up test at a later date.