• This course is an introductory study in sociology, the study of social behavior and the organization of human society. Students will learn about the historical development of the field of sociology and the procedures for conducting research in sociology. Students will also learn the importance and role of culture, social structure, socialization, and social change in today’s society.
    • Explain the origins of sociology, the sociological perspective, and how sociology relates to the other social sciences.
    • Explain the research metodologies used in sociology.
    • Explain the development and importance of culture.
    • Evaluate how cultures evolve over time.
    • Analyze social structure and interaction within society.
    • Analyze deviance in society
    • Analyze the impact of social control on deviance in society.
    • Analyze the function of social institutions as agents of social control across differing societies and times.
    • Analyze forms of social inequality.
    • Analyze social change processes in a society


    Grade Instruments

    Homework/Classwork    30%   

     Formative           40%

    Summative          20%   

     Participation        10%

    Students need a notebook for class.