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Ms. Mary Rouse

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Welcome to Hills ..Home of the Spartans!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year. I am Ms. Rouse I look forward to teaching you this year. I will be teaching Special Education General Curriculum P-12 and have been teaching high school math for past year, the following information will give course information and title I look forward to having a successful year with you all.

Course Description and Goals:

This is the second in a sequence of mathematics courses designed to provide students with a rigorous program of study in algebra, geometry, and statistics and to prepare them for post-secondary work and education. It includes Extending the number system, similarity, congruence, and proofs, right triangle trigonometry, circles and volume, geometric and algebraic connections, applications of probability and quadratic functions. Instruction and assessment will include the appropriate use of manipulative and technology. Topics will be represented in multiple ways, such as concrete, pictorial, verbal, written, numeric, data-based, graphical, and symbolic methods. There will be an emphasis of applying these concepts in the context of the real world.

Online Resources:, Launch Pad USA Test Prep. and Remind (Links to an external site.)

Instruction: A typical day of instruction will begin with an opener consisting of a few problems to check for prior understanding or to extend learning opportunities. Next, homework will be checked and projected with feedback provided. This will be followed by work and instruction which may include problem-solving, questioning, real-world connection tasks, and/or small group projects. A “ticket-out” problem or summarizing activity will often conclude the lesson. In general, learning cycle will involve Engage, Explore, Elaborate, Explain and Evaluate throughout the instruction.

Course Outline:

2020/2021 School Year
Adv Math Decision Making B - 27.8850022 - Rouse - Period 1
2020/2021 School Year
Algebra I B (YL) - 27.8990018 - Rouse - Period 1
2020/2021 School Year
Algebra I B Support (YL) - 27.8997018 - Rouse - Period 1
2020/2021 School Year
Algebra II A - 27.8992012 - Rouse - Period 5
2020/2021 School Year
Algebra II B - 27.8992022 - Rouse - Period 5
2020/2021 School Year
Geometry I A - 27.8991012 - Rouse - Period 3
Assessment and Grading: Unit Tests will count 40% of the average; Quizzes/Culminating Tasks/Projects count 30%, Class Work Assignments/Participation 20%, and Homework 10%.

Grading Scale

A = 100 – 90, B = 89 – 80, C = 79 – 75, D = 74 – 70, F = 69 – 0

Important Information:

Help Sessions will be offered weekly from 6:45-7:15 or 2:35 – 3:15 with prior appointment
A Quiz or Test will be given every week
Assignments and infinite campus final grades will be updated in their folders every week.
I encourage you to sign up for PIV to view grades!
Students are encouraged not to miss class, however if a student is absent they will have up to 5 days to make up any missed assignments.
Class supply list
Wide-rule filler or college ruled filler paper with red margin 8 1/2 x 11 inches

‒ Ink/ball point pens (blue or black)

‒ Highlighter markers

‒ Bookmarks

‒ Colored markers

‒ Scientific graphing calculator

‒ #2 lead pencils