• Multicultural Literature (Online)

    Instructor: Mr. Bickle

    Email: bicklje@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us


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    Course Info

    While this course is listed simply as “Multicultural Literature,” it will specifically be a survey of African American Literature.  In addition to the standards and goals of an ELA class, outlined below, this course aims to provide students access to a broad range of African American authors, with the goal of developing a nuanced appreciation for the African American literary tradition. While this course will inevitably deal with subjects such as enslavement, injustice, and oppression, this class is intended to be about more than black folks’ pain.  It is my hope that, by engaging with the texts in this course, students will gain new perspective on the incredible resilience, excellence, and triumph of a people constantly beset with adversity. 


    District Course Description

    The course focuses on world literature and informational texts by and about people of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Students explore themes of linguistic and cultural diversity by comparing, contrasting, analyzing, and critiquing writing styles and universal themes. The students write argumentative, expository, narrative, analytical, and response essays. A research component is critical. The students observe and listen critically and respond appropriately to written and oral communication. Conventions are essential for reading, writing, and speaking. Instruction in language conventions will, therefore, occur within the context of reading, writing, and speaking rather than in isolation. The students understand and acquire new vocabulary and use it correctly in reading, writing, and speaking.THIS COURSE MUST REFLECT THE GEORGIA STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE.



    Students will need:

    - Internet Access

    - laptop/PC (preferred) or smartphone



    - Paper

    - Notebook/binder



    • Students will develop their writing abilities by composing a wide variety of written products, including narratives, arguments, informative essays, and research papers.
    • Students will read a wide variety of authors and genres, and learn to identify key aspects of each author, genre, and period of literature covered in this class.
    • Students will learn critical thinking skills expressed through analysis and questioning of complex texts, from which students will identify and comment on theme, characterization, figurative language, plot, and other literary techniques/devices.



    Communication: With the online format, it is essential that students and parents remain in constant contact.  This is the only way to keep students engaged in the course and aware of deadlines, grades, and other vital information.  As such, I urge students AND parents to join my Remind using the codes above, as this is the most direct and instant means of contacting me. I will be sending out reminders for due dates, assignments, and various other updates through Remind, and it is in your best interests to check it AT LEAST once daily.  Please DO NOT hesitate to ask me any questions or voice any concerns via Remind. The only “stupid” question is one that you don’t ask.

    Professional/Academic Comportment:  “Comportment” is a word for how you carry yourself, i.e., your behavior.  One of the main goals of school is to train you to behave appropriately at college, work, and other serious professional settings.  As such, you are expected to behave so in my class.  This includes many things: Be punctual. Be respectful of others’ emotions and ideas, even if you do not understand/agree with them.  Use language appropriate for a serious, academic setting. Take pride in your work.  These are just a few behaviors/habits that fall under the blanket of professionalism. 

    Academic Honesty/Rigor: I will not lie to you: this class will not be easy. To call it “easy” would discredit the great work you will do. It is my goal never to lower standards; instead, if you need help reaching those standards, I can offer it.  This requires you to sincerely try your best.  You will only cheat yourself by taking shortcuts such as copying another’s work. If I find that you have plagiarized, you will receive ZERO credit for the assignment in question. I am pretty good at finding this out, so be safe and don’t try it at all.  Your grade will thank you.

    Late Work Policy: Work may be submitted late, but is subject to a deduction in points. Every day the assignment is late is a deduction of 10%.  For instance, a paper that would normally have been scored a 95% if turned in 2 days late would be reduced to 75%.  Work turned in more than 4 days late (with no valid excuse) will receive a 0. 

    Online Attendance:  I will send out daily messages on Remind.  In order to be counted present for that day, you must respond to these daily messages. Failure to respond before the end of the school day will result in being marked absent. 

    Grading Breakdown

    40% Summative Assessment (Major Essays/Projects, Exams, etc.)

    30% Formative Assessment (Class discussions, quizzes etc.)

    20% Classwork (Daily work/assignments)

    10% Homework (reading logs, poetry responses, etc.)


    Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Instruction

    You may have heard the terms “synchronous” and “asynchronous” used to describe online learning.  All this means is that during this course, there will be “synchronous” times when we “meet” virtually, and I am available for live assistance and instruction.  Most of the time, our learning will be “asynchronous,” meaning you will access materials and complete assignments separately, on your own time. This will include things such as reading, writing, and discussions on Canvas.  This does not mean any added flexibility regarding attendance or due dates.