VAHSGD.CR.1 - Visualize and generate ideas for creating works of art. VAHSGD.CR.2 - Choose from a range of materials and methods of traditional and contemporary artistic practices to plan and create works of art.

    VAHSGD.CR.3 - Engage in an array of processes, media, techniques, and technology through experimentation, practice and persistence.
    VAHSGD.CR.4 - Incorporate formal and informal components to create works of art.

    VAHSGD.CR.5 - Reflect on, revise, and refine works of art considering relevant traditional and contemporary practices as well as artistic ideation.

    VAHSGD.CR.6 - Keep an ongoing visual and verbal record to explore and develop works of art.



    VAHSGD.PR.1 - Plan, prepare, and present works of art for exhibition in school, virtual environment, and/or portfolio presentation.



    VAHSGD.RE.1 - Reflect on the context of personal works of art in relation to community, culture, and the world.

    VAHSGD.RE.2 - Critique personal works of art and the artwork of others, individually and collaboratively, using a variety of approaches. VAHSGD.RE.3 - Engage in the process of art criticism to make meaning and increase visual literacy.



    VAHSGD.CN.1 - Develop personal artisitc voice through connecting uses of art within a variety of cultural, historical, and contemporary contexts. VAHSGD.CN.2 - Develop life skills through the study and production of art (e.g. collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication).


    VAHSGD.CR.3 - Utilize a variety of resources to understand how artistic learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom.


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