• W.S. Hornsby Middle School


    7th Grade English Language Arts


    SY 2020-2021

    Teacher: Mr. Tom A. Bennett Jr.

    Email: BenneTo@Boe.Richmond.K12.GA.US

    Course Description

    This course will encourage students to use a large range of written and communication skills. Some of the key skills we will focus on are: 1.) comprehending and interpreting texts, which includes written, audio, and visual texts; 2.) effectively communicating and interacting with others in group situations. The English Language Arts Curriculum introduces students to core concepts that are further developed and expanded as the student moves up in grade level. Students can study and analyze literature in the “young adult” genre while also understanding the fundamentals of writing essays. Students will also engage in debates and classroom discussions.



    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt textbook and resources (Collections)


    Required Materials

    • Composition Notebook (for Daily Journal)
    • 3-ring binder with dividers (5)
    • Spiral Notebook (for Language Arts Dictionary)
    • Blue or Black pens / pencils
    • Highlighters are optional


    Year Overview

    This year although is different because of COVID is still going to be a jampack year. We will start off the year with introductions, so students can become familiar with their classmates and their teacher. Then we will go on a quest creative stories during our narrative writing component. While writing narrative stories students will learn things such as setting, characters, plot, and much more. Next, we will go into writing informative essays and students will learn things such as main idea, author’s purpose and point of view. Finally, we will end the year having debates over topics such as which phone is better iPhone vs Android in our argumentative writing section. Throughout the year student will be equipped with concepts to improve their reading comprehension, vocabulary and much more.



    • Increase reading comprehension skills
    • Improve vocabulary
    • Build writing characteristics

    My Expectations

    I expect every student to come in the class with no excuses and to take school seriously because this is their “job” for the moment. I also expect students to rise above any stereotypes that were placed on them because they can do anything they put their minds to do. I know they can do great in my class, but it’s up to them to prove me right!


    Classroom Rules & Responsibilities

    • Be seated and ready to begin class before tardy bell rings. Have textbooks, class supplies, assignments, and personal reading book ready.
    • Come to class prepared to work hard and ready to learn.
    • Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and our classroom always.
    • If you have any questions, ask the teacher instead of bothering your classmate.
    • Never give up and try your best!




    Classroom Consequences

    1. Verbal Warning
    2. Student Conference
    3. Parent Contact (Phone call, email, or letter)
    4. Silent lunch or detention
    5. Parent Conference
    6. Discipline referral (for major offenses i.e. fighting)

    *The order and type of consequence depends on the severity and nature of the violation.


    Grading Percentages                                      

    • Classwork/Essays=20%
    • Test=30%
    • Quizzes=20%
    • Projects=20%
    • Daily Journals=10%


    Grade Scale:       A= 100-90   B=89-80   C=79-70   D=69-60   F=59 & below


    Seatwork will be assigned daily. Students are required to write the Daily Question in their composition notebook which will be graded weekly. Other guidelines that students need to follow regarding assignments are:

    1. Full credit will only be given to assignments turned in on time.
    2. Assignments are due at the beginning of class.

    Daily Journals:

    Daily journals are due on Friday of each week. These journals should be in a composition book. Students will get their notebooks back at the start of the following week.


    Quizzes will be given at any time during the school year. Some will be planned, and others will be a pop quiz, but test will be given after each unit.


    If students do not have homework on a day your child could do I Ready, USA Test prep or read for 30 minutes.


    Absent/Late Work Policy:

    On Time: To earn full credit on assignments, they should be handed in promptly at the beginning of the class period when it is due.

    Absences: If a student has an excused absence, as defined by the code of conduct then work may be submitted for full credit. The number of extra days will be the same as the number of days absent. (i.e. 2 days of excused absence gives the student 2 days to complete the assignment upon their return to school). Students are responsible for obtaining their makeup work.


    Late Work: Homework will NOT be accepted late. Projects and writings will be given a due date along with a cut off deadline. A 10-point reduction in grade will result for each day late after the due date, up to the deadline. After the deadline date, the project or writing assignment will NOT be accepted.

    How can I help my child Succeed?

    • See Mr. Bennett for tutoring schedule.
    • Go over homework, have time for I Ready and silent reading.
    • Encourage your child to believe in themselves and give them supportive words.