1. All students must wear sneakers or athletic shoes to participate in the class activity. No sandals, boots, flats or dress shoes. 

    2. It is recommended that female students wear shorts under a dress or skirt.

    3, Only one person is allowed in the restroom at a time.

    4. Students must abide by all activity/game rules.

    5. Good sportsmanship will be a priority.

    6. Students must abide by all emergency drill procedures. Students must walk and remain quiet during these drills.



    1. Students must maintain social distancing at all times.

    2, When students enter the gym they must sit on their designated numbered spot.

    3, Students must remain in their designated numbered spot unless told otherwise.

    4. Students must ask permission to use the restroom.

    5. Students are not allowed to share equipment.

    6. All equipment must stay in the designated areas unless told otherwise.

    7. All equipment must be sanitized after each use, Students will stand in their designated area holding their equipment until Coach cleans it. Once cleaned they will place the equipment on the floor and line up in one of the class pick up spots.

    8. The students must wash/sanitize their hands before leaving class.

P.E. Rules and Regulations

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