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    Online Learning Success-SLANT



    SPACE for learning:
    • Set up a work space with all the school supplies you may need. Paper, pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, worksheets etc.     when attending class.
    • Have a nice stable flat surface to write on. This will make it easy to take notes or do classwork.
    • Make sure your work space is comfortable, well lit, minimal distractions and have a good connection for audio and video.

    LOOK at your screen:
    • Close all distracting tabs that you don't need. This will help you pay attention to the one you are working with.
    • Turn off phones and TV's. This will help keep down distractions so you can concentrate on your school work.
    • Use split screens if your teacher directs you to other pages during your lessons.
    ASK questions:
    • Raise your hand and wait to be called on. Make sure you have your microphone on and volume turned up.
    • Use chat rooms where possible.
    • Make sure you ask about content studies and access to web links.
    NOD your head:
    • Be brave and turn your camera on. Let your teacher see your face.
    • React to your teacher with facial expressions. Let them know you are paying attention.
    • Use EMOJIs or NOD when chatting if you are not using your camera.
    TALK to others:
    • You will be called on to speak and answer questions...Be prepared.
    • Participate in class. Stay active, on task and appropriate.
    • Be active in breakout rooms with classmates. Stay in touch!