• Welcome to Theatre Fundamentals!


    We are excited to offer this course for the 2020-2021 school year! Please view the course description below and the details to get a better understanding of the expectations and learning progression.


    Course Description:

    Intro to Theatre will give students an overview of theatre arts. This course is designed to be a springboard for all other performance-based classes a student will take in their time at Westside High School. Students will leave the course with a wealth of theatre vocabulary and the basic elements of theatre such as ensemble acting, improvisation, pantomime, and self-confidence building are introduced to the young actors or actresses. Special emphasis is placed on theatre etiquette, noteworthy playwrights, and vocabulary.


    Course Objectives:

    • Create and use criteria developed during the theatrical study to state, discuss, and defend opinions about the quality of personal or peer performances.

    • Execute basic movement concepts in performance.

    • Exhibit stage presence, confidence, and focus

    • Analyze a script and use clues, inherent in the dialogue, to create a character

    • Develop vocal and physical attributes of a role using the script, direction and imagination

    • Discuss the artistic choices a playwright makes in a dramatic work and how these influence the interpretation and message of the work.

    • Research the historical background of a script as a basis for interpretation and presentation

    • Demonstrate the collaborative skills necessary for producing a scene with an ensemble.

    • Use self-evaluation strategies and audience response to improve artistic works and experiences

    • Develop and demonstrate proficiency in theatre vocabulary.

    • Demonstrate the ability to create character and story.

    • Students will be introduced to a variety of playwrights & demonstrate ability to read a play from a theatrical lens