Dodgeball. warball, basketball, golf, kickball, softball, soccer, hula hoops, jump rope, hopscotch, tumbling, balance beam, frisbee, skip ball, cage ball, bowling, 

    Fitness Gram, aerobics/exercise, beanbags, relay races, dance, board games, scooter boards, hippity hops, volleyball, badminton, roadblock tag, and hockey



    COVID-19 ACTIVITIES  Due to COVID-19 restrictions we are limited to the activities we can do safely. We can not share equipment during an activity or game.

    All equipment must be wiped down before the next class. If we have enough equipment available for each student we can do that activity.


    Fitness Gram, exercises, hula hoops, jump rope, relays, balance beam, golf, jogging/walking, aerobics, catching, bouncing/dribbling a ball, skip ball, Simon says, paper airplane flying