• Code.org and Engineering Design Process!

    For the month of November we will be focusing on finishing our coding sections in Code.org Express course 2020 and Computer Science Discoveries.  We will also be delving into the field of Civil Engineering by doing a challenge of building a home and a school using the Engineering Design Process!!  

    Please go to CANVAS to view all course work!  If CANVAS is not working complete your Code.org modules!!


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  •  6, 7, and 8th Grade Lesson Plans for first 4 weeks!

    Students, Parents, and Guardians,

    Every Wednesday I will have LIVE Virtual instruction, and I am available for help Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Please refer to to LIVE Instruction Times on my Welcome Page or to the right of class image!  If you cannot access a computer then call in using instructions below.

    Call into a meeting in Teams  High-Quality Live Online Instruction | Elevate K-12 LIVE Instuctions Times

    Here are the total 1-3 weeks STEM/STEAM lesson plans.  You will need to use TWO modules to complete all work.  the modules are: Introduction to Mrs. Allen's Class Module and The Engineering Design Process Module.  Work through the lesson plan at your own pace.  BE AWARE OF DUE DATES!

    Students please follow the lesson plan matrix and work at your own pace.  Once again please be aware of due dates.  You have "2" areas where work can be turned in. Canvas or MS Teams.  Please make sure you have join your grade level TEAMS class.  In the event we or I am out of school, I will have Virtual live class on on Wednesday at the scheduled class times on the Students with Technology Access for Live Instruction.  Please check for your class time!  Please use the ASSIGNMENT TAb to the left to find all of your class work and/or Canvas!  You can message me through Canvas or email me you the contact information provided on the virtual classroom video.

    I look forward to working with you,

    Mrs. Allen

    6th grade Lesson 6th grade 1 -3 weeks 6th MS TEAMS Link 6th Join Code.org Link
    7th grade Lesson 7th grade 1-3 weeks 7th MS TEAMS Link 7th Join Code.org Link
    8th grade Lesson 8th grade 1 - 3 weeks  8th MS TEAMS Link 8th Join Code.org Link
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