• Thanksgiving   Let's Take a Glance at B.C.E. in November 2020 feast

     This is how we are making "One Goal, One Dream!"






    Nov. 14 - 18: Art & Literacy Fusion Fair is accepting your pumpkin entries online!

    Virtual Art & Literacy Fusion Fair



    Nov. 14: Thank you for submissions!



    Nov. 12-13: B.C. Spelling Bee 2020 Nov. 12 through 13 - ONLINE!

    Watch the Exciting SKIT of 2020 B.C. Spelling Bee - LINK

     Thank you, Mr. Warthen for organizing the spelling bee online!



    Nov. 11: Veterans Day  Q: Do you know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?

    Watch the video. Learn the history of our country!

    We observe Veterans Day and have the unanimous, undivided moment of silence @ 10:30 am.

    Veterans Day  


    Nov. 6 (Fri): Instructional Meeting hosted by Ms.Walker @9:30 am tp 11:30 am

    Thank you. Ms. Walker for organizing this! You're the BEST!


     Nov.4 - Nov. 17 : Instruction @ Home - LINK to the Principal's Letter to Home


     Nov.3 (Tue): Election Day!



    Nov. 2: Literature & Art Fusion Festival 2020!!

    The very first decorated pumpkin is already in the media center! Come and take a look!

    We are waiting for YOURS!! (The last day is Nov.9)

    Entry1  Entry 1_A


    Nov. 1 (Sun): Daylight Saving Time