• Treaty of Versailles Power Point

    Rise of Nazism Power Point


    Greetings Everyone, 


    Hope you guys are staying safe and doing your assignments! If you would click the two links above,  they will take you to the power point slides that you will need to complete your packets. If you did not receive a packet on Thursday or Friday and your parents did not pick one up; you can still do your assignments. You will have to use notebook paper and complete the assignments. Each assignment has a set of instruction before the you will see the worksheet. Yes, if you can print out the worksheet that will be awesome, if not please do not stress a sheet of paper will be fine. 


    All assignments are due when you return on Nov. 30. 


    If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email or call myself or Ms. Lucette. 


    We miss you guys and want you to continue to stay safe. 


    Happy Thanksgiving! 



    Ms. Warren & Ms. Lucette