• Mrs. Veale's Remind Code: @vvea


    HW: Monday December 9 - DL words from passages 57-60 portal, proboscis, boisterous, pandemonium, rumor-mongor, purportedly, peers, forebodingly, compatriot - Define all words, give the parts of speech for each

    HW: Tuesday December 10 - use each in a separate sentence of at least ten words. I will check this homework Wednesday.

    Tuesday - Journals  - We will be doing two activities that accompany The Diary of Anne Frank. Bring your creative minds!

    Wednesday - December 11, we will continue to read The Diary of Anne Frank.

    Thursday - December 12, we will continue reading and will go over the Vocab from Acts I and II

    Friday December 13 - Your DL quiz will also have the Vocabulary from Acts I and II of Anne Frank. Those words are: belfry, domestic, insufferable, loathe, portly, meticulous, rucksack, studious, subdue, unabashed, disgruntle, foreboding, inarticulate, intuition, invoice, liberate, onslaught, poise, ration, remorse

    Next reading log check will be December 20. Reading logs must be in class that day, no late logs, and no exceptions!


    Course Syllabus is under resources.