• 2nd Quarter Grade Recovery

    Posted by Mykayla Williamson on 12/18/2020 1:45:00 PM

    Dear Parents, 

    If your student was assigned a packet of work, it is assigned as an opportunity for grade recovery. As of today, your student has a grade of 69 and below in the subject area(s) of ELA and/or Social Studies. The goal of grade recovery is to provide students with a second opportunity to demonstrate competency in core content and recover a failing quarter grade. It is important for your child to take advantage of this opportunity in order to as an effort to meet promotion requirements. The grade recovery process will be facilitated using the printed work provided. I have listed the required assignments below as a checklist to assist in the completion of all grade recovery work. All work is due by February 8, 2021. No late work will be accepted.  

    It is important that all work be done neatly and completed for full credit. Feel free to contact me via email (willimy@richmond.boe.k12.ga.us) or Remind App. 


    Ms. Williamson 


    ELA Grade Recovery Assignments:

    • Complete "Figures of Speech" worksheet
    • Complete "Reading skill of the Day" weeks 16-20
    • Complete "Create a Candy" writing assingment
    • Close Reader pg. 9-16; 19-24
    • Assigned iReady Assignments

    Social Studies Grade Recovery Assignments:

    • Using pg. 268 in your textbook, create a timeline highlighting major events of Australia’s History 
    • Complete the blank map of Australia. Label the states and territories of Australia. List the physical features of each. Also give details about the physical features. 
    • Complete “Reviewing the Section” for Section 1-4 in Chapter 11 
    • Write a paragraph about the size and importance of the great barrier reef (5-7 sentences) using pg. 276-277 for help 
    • Complete the “Cause and Effect” chart to show the causes and effects of the European impact on the Aborigines. Use pg. 281 for assistance. 
    • Create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting the Commonwealth Parliament with the US Congress. Use pg. 288-290 for assistance. 
    • Use chapter 11 to complete the “Commonwealth of Australia” Quiz 
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