Course Description


    The course is designed to instruct you in essential Spanish I skills. Level of instruction is

    aimed at helping you acquire a basic knowledge of grammar concepts and vocabulary.

    Emphasis is on comprehending and communicating in Spanish through speaking,

    listening, reading, and writing in various aspects of time.


    Students will: Study the cultures, geographies, and histories of Spanish speaking areas.

    Students will: Participate in individual, paired, and group activities as well as complete

    written and oral exercises to practice new vocabulary and grammar concepts.

    Students will: Demonstrate development in their speaking, literacy, and listening skills during the course.


    Spanish Defined (Exploratory, 1a, 1b):

    Your speaking, writing, and reading skills will expand as you are taught reading, writing and reading skills in the Spanish language.  Be ready to have your mind opened. Learning a language teaches you new ways to think. 



    1. Work towards Spanish proficiency.

    2. Develop listening, speaking, writing, and reading skills in Spanish

    3. Gain an understanding of the linguistics, cultures and histories of native Spanish-speakers, also known as Hispanics (not Spanish people).



    Take notes during our virtual sessions if you need to. You will be using both Edgenuity and IXL for your asynchronous learning.



    Class Rules:

    8 Be’s for Expected Behaviors




    3. BE RESPECTFUL! (Keep hands and feet where they belong. Use appropriate language.)

    1. BE IN YOUR SEAT! (Unless asked to get out of it)

    2. BE ATTENTIVE! (Follow directions - no side conversations.)

    3. BE APPROPRIATE! (Do not eat or groom during class. Remember where you are. You are here to learn.)

    1. BE NEAT! (Keep your workspace clean)

    2. BE HONEST!


    YOU are responsible for your learning. I am here to help you learn by teaching you as best as I know how. Work with me! 



    All asynchronous assignments are homework. Nonetheless, these will count as general assignments.




    Quizzes/Tests will be given as needed. You will be forewarned about the platform that the quiz/test will be given on.


    Class Participation:


    You will not be penalized for speaking incorrectly or with an English speaker's accent. Try to fix your mistakes and be open to correction. Having a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and being prepared are also important parts of your success. Not doing homework, working on materials for other classes during Spanish class, and/or being disrespectful will result in immediate consequences. Student success is directly related to good attendance, a good attitude, respect, participation and good grades. Students are expected to be present and to participate.  If you do not have a valid excuse, any missed work or class will affect your grade.

    Make-up Work:

    The student is responsible for finding out from the teacher what they missed within a reasonable time limit. NOT RIGHT BEFORE REPORT CARDSYou must contact the teacher to make arrangements for missed tests, quizzes or projects.


    Attendance and Tardies:

    The school’s policies will be followed and enforced.


    Incomplete work:

    Work for me and I will work with you.  Attendance, completing your assignments and following instructions during instruction will earn you a 100. 


    Grading Weights:

    Classwork and Participation: 40%

    Assignments: 50%

    Performance Based Task/Projects, Quizzes and Tests: 10%



    Contacting the Teacher

    Please notify me if you want to make an appointment. I will not interrupt class or disrupt

    any lessons to discuss your grades. You can reach me by email at:




    I will respond when I read your message.