• Artsonia


    Parents! You should be getting emails from Artsonia. This is how you can view your child's artwork on a regular basis. If you are not getting emails from Artsonia, please email me at heidka@richmond.k12.ga.us on the email account you would like me to use.

    You can upload any art to Artsonia. It is a great place to keep copies of your children's work. I use it as your child's portfolio. You can also order some pretty cool stuff with your child's artwork on it. 


    To upload your child's work, please follow these steps:


    1. Download the Artsonia App to your phone from the Google play store or iTunes 

    2. Click on the Artsonia icon to open the app

    3. You will see this screen come up. Click on Students.

     artsonia student

    4. The next screen gives a choice of how to log in. Please use the school access code: ZNPJ-CFCM 

    school code

    5. The next screen checks to make sure you are in the right school. Click the green check if it is LFH


    6. Now find your account. On the next screen start typing your child's first name. A shortlist of students will appear that may have the same first name at LFH. Check the last initial and the grade to find your correct student. Double-check and click on his or her name.


    7. This opens up your child's own page. It is here where you can "Add Art" by clicking in the blue "Add Art" in the upper right-hand corner. 

    add art

    8. Be sure you select which project the artwork needs to go under. After you do this, your camera will open up and you take the picture. There are editing tools in Artsonia so that your artwork will look its best. be sure to crop your picture too. you can title your work and write a little bit about it. 


    Always click submit before you leave the app. 


    9. Dr. Heid will get your artwork first. She will approve each artwork before it can show up on the web.