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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many books can a student have checked out at one time?
      Five books
     How long can a student keep a book checked out?
      Two week period.
     Is there a charge for overdue books?
      There are no charges for overdue materials. Charges are incurred only for damaged or lost materials.
    How much does it cost to print?
      10 cents for a text document
      25 cents for a page with a picture
      If you do not have money at the time of printing, the cost can be accumulated within  record and you can pay at a later date.
    How much do disks and cdroms cost?
        $2 for a cdrom
      Students may bring their own external storage device from home.
    Students should have their ID badge to come into the media center.
    Students must have an Acceptable Use Policy signed by their parents to use the Internet.