• Welcome to Glenn Hills High School: 2021-22.

         Mrs Gowra, B.Sc. B.Ed.  M.A. M.Ed.

    I have done my Bachelor of Science from Mahatma Gandhi University , Bachelor of Education from Osmania University, Master Of Arts from Osmania University, Master of Education from Bharathidasan University.

    I am a certified  Science teacher and have been in the field of teaching for  over 2 decades.


    I am Mrs. Diana  Gowra.I will be teaching Science and this is my 18th year in this noble profession. I am from India and this is my 5th  year in the United States of America as a Science teacher. My family is back in India.

    . I am so excited to start this New Year 2021-2022, with my new students. The first day of the school is August the 9th and I look forward to see you in my class room no. 635.

    My contact  email  is GowraDi@boe,richmond.k12.ga.us

    I believe that a good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way of others. So, I am thrilled to lead my students through the right path of knowledge. My students are like the gems and they shall be polished to be the most precious gems in the world.

    To become the world’s leaders, your first step is discipline. I expect all my students to follow the class room rules. The most important rule is to respect others. The next is, be seated in your assigned seat. Mobile phones are not allowed into the class room. Food and beverages are prohibited into the class room. No student is allowed to interrupt, when teaching is going on.

    My office hours are 2.30 to 3.30 pm. Students may meet me for academic enrichment or remedial lesson at this time. Any missing assignment should be done within 5 days and turned in.

    Looking forward to having an enriching school year with my students, to create a world class Spartan.

    NB: Do not forget to come to my class ready to learn: Your text book, composition note book and pen/pencil.