• Hello, My name is Mrs. Boyer. Welcome to 5th grade!! This year, 2023-2024,  I am teaching Math and Science. 

    Our supply list will include the following:

    4 Composition Notebooks

    Pencils ( No mechanical Pencils)

    Blue pens

    Black Pens

    Glue sticks( Purple is preferred)



    Looseleaf notebook Paper

    1 ream of copypaper

    Cap erasers

    Crayons/color pencils/markers

    Over the ear Headphones

    I am available after 3:45pn until 7pm each school day.

    If you need to reach out, please call me at 215-866-1161

    The above supply list will make it through the 1st half of the year I will send out a notice when we need to replenish so please understand that we will 

    Cell phones: if they are not needed for transportation purposes, we ask that they are not sent to school. If they are sent to school, they will not be allowed during school hours. Students will turn them in at the beginning of class and will get them back at dismissal.  Students will be assigned a designated space for their phones. Therefore, teachers will not be responsible for lost or damaged phones. 

    The Fifth grade team will be planning lots of fun things for the year. We will have a big year this year. We hope that you will help and encourage your students to do their best at all times. More importantly, we hope that parents will help to manage the behaviors of our students so that learning and growth can happen this year.

    This year will be educationally challenging for the students but they will be equipped with all of the tools that they will need if they are cooperating and participating. Please feel free to reach out if anything is unsure or needing clarity during the year. Parents are on the same team, let's work together with our children. 


    Mrs. Boyer