Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Walter J. Seabrooks


 I earned an athletic scholarship to South Carolina State College in 1979.  My academic and social development blossomed over the next four years to earn a B.S. Degree in Industrial Arts Education.  After working several years in the private employment sector, I enrolled in Savannah State University in 1988 to earn a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.  I entered the educational arena in the winter of 1989 as an In-School Suspension teacher.  Even though, I have worked several different jobs outside of education since my educational career began in 1989, I continue to work in the field of education.

 Now, having viewed my personal and professional background in a glimpse, one can appreciate the rationale for my educational philosophy that coincides with James P. Comer in his belief that the adults in the lives of children are paramount! Therefore, I believe we must create an environment that is conducive for learning and we as adults must model the expectations and behavior for the children that we teach.  In other words, as adults, we must recognize that all children can learn, and we must teach in a manner so that we can reach each learner!

 I am an example of what having positive adults in your life can mean……. you are encouraged to work hard, be patiently persistent, and continue to work toward obtaining your goals, thus, propelling me in the position I am today.