• "Progress is not possible without rules".

    All students must abide by the class room rules and regulations all the time.

    Students who break the rules will be warned thrice followed by parent call and detention after school.

    Further,the student will be taken over by the administrative authorities for In School Suspension and Out of School Suspension. 

    My class room rules are as follows:

    1. Students must be seated in their assigned seats.

    2. No student will disrupt the class during instructions.

    3.Food and beverages are prohibited 🚫 inside the classroom.

    4. Mobile 📞 phone & ear phones are not 🚫 allowed to be used, unless the teacher permits to use it for completion of subject related assignment or project. If the student is caught, using

    Mobile phone, parent will be called and informed.

    5.Usage of facetime,talking on the phone , texting or completing other subject assignment is strictly prohibited 🚭.

    6.Book bags are not 🚭 allowed inside the classroom.

    7.Any incomplete assignment or missing notes, should be completed by the student, when the student comes back to school after being absent.The student may seek help from peers or look for the missing lesson on Canvas.

    8.No student will open the classroom door for anyone at anytime, unless the teacher permits.

    9. No student will touch or operate any equipment inside the classroom.

    10.No usage of profanity in the classroom.

    11. Every student must respect and follow the rules and regulations of the classroom.

    12. Always remember to follow my classroom rituals.

    Classroom rituals include:

    a. Greet the teachers.

    b. Have a seat and complete the warm up activity.

    c.Copy down the vocabulary for the day's lesson.

    d.Follow the teachers instructions.

    e. Solve the Activator question.

    f. Take down the lesson notes.

    g.Complete the work session.

    h.Answer the closing (review questions) of the lesson learned.

    I. Answer the ticket 🎟️ out of the door question.

    j.Wait untill your teacher dismiss you.

    k.NEVER ever open the classroom door and try to sneak out of the classroom, before the teacher dismisses you.

    l.Last but not the least,clear your tables and clean up any trash 🗑️ at your 💺 seat or around your seat.

    m. Don't forget to bring your note book 📚 🖊️ pencil ✏️ sharpener eraser and color pencils to class.

    n. No student will be given permission to go to washroom during the first 15 minutes and the last 15 minutes of the class period.