November 12, 2021


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    Today, you will complete an activity that goes with the novel, Bud, not Buddy. Skip to chapter 8 in order to experience life from Bud's perspective. This directly relates to the Great Depression after World War I. If you haven't alredy, look up Hoovervilles. This is where poor people set up to live during this period when they had no other options. 

    If you would like to turn in this assignment online, you may open google slides, a powerpoint, sway or word document to create the comic strip with captions. You simply make the boxes by inserting a chart. 

    Put each activity as a different file so I can grade them separately. 

    Below is a link of the document in case you lose or were not at school to receive the document. Return the assignment Monday with your full name and homeroom teacher's name. 

    Bud not buddy.pdf  

    Bud, not Buddy Chapter 8 pt 1

    Bud, not Buddy Chapter 8 pt 2