• My name is Jalisha Adams and I am the new Media Specialist at Terrace Manor Elementary School for the 2022-2023 School Year. I've been in the Public Library System in Edgefield County for the past 13 years, so it is exciting to work for Richmond County School System this year. It is my duty to teach effective use of the media center and its materials through library skills and instruction. I love to read and I plan to promote reading through various activities appropriate to your child's age group.


    Email: AdamsJa@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us

    School Phone: (706)796-4910 ext 4963

    Birthday: September 5th

    Hobbies: Spending time with family, especially my nieces, nephews, and Godchildren; reading; cooking; hosting events; and napping.

    Favorite Foods: Italian and Mexican

    Favorite Stores: Wal-Mart & Amazon

    "Our Prime Purpose in This Life is to Help Others, and if We Can't Help Them, at Least Don't Hurt Them!" - Dalai Lama

  • "A Library of Possibilities"

    **You Are a Rainbow of Possibilities. Make Every Day Count!**

    August 2022 (Purple-Indigo) National Back to School Month

    September 2022 (Red) National Wilderness Month: "This Land is Your Land" (book check-out starts)

    October 2022 (Orange) Welcome to Fall

    November 2022 (Orange/Yellow) A Month of Thanks: Thankful Tree

    December 2022 (Green/Red) Winter Wonderland: "Happy Holidaze"

    January 2023 (Blue) Winter Wonderland: Welcome Back

    February 2023 (Pink/Violet) Love the Skin You're In!

    **Scholastic Book Fair February 27th - March 3rd**

    March 2023 (Red) March Madness: Read It, Draw It!

    April 2023 (Yellow) National School Library Month (last month to check-out books, please return all books)

    May 2023 (Rainbow/Completion) May Day

    June 2023 (Yellow/Red/Green) Summer School

  • We Are A Rainbow (Library) of Possibilities


  • Make Every Day Count!

  • READ

    Expand Your Mind!

    Shape Your Dream!

    Take You on an Adventure!

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