•         When I think about why I began to study English and secondary education, I would originally say because I have just always loved English and the idea of teaching. Thinking about it now, I am becoming a teacher because I want someone to be as confident as I am when I send my daughter and son, Destinee and Declain to school. I want parents to feel confident that their child's teacher is not only giving them the best education possible, but that they are providing their child with the same care and support that they do at home. 
           Teaching is more than just helping a student understand the content. 
           I am a 21st century teacher. I love technology and can appreciate the ability to use it in the classroom, but that does not mean I will not utilize pencil and paper as well. I have spent most of my preparation in classrooms where they rely on old school paper and pencil. My first practicum was at Valley High School in Las Vegas, Nevada and my student teaching was at Our Lady's College, Galway in Ireland. Both schools are old school and I can appreciate that. It gives me a greater appreciation for my second practicum location at Veterans Tribute Career and Technical Academy where they were a one-to-one school. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to experience teaching at both types of schools to prepare me for my future school environment. I will be flexible and adaptable.  
           I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience so many ways of teaching and learning. I have had phenomenal mentor teachers who have each taught me something valuable about education and the way to teach. English is fortunately a subject where the units and lessons I teach can be molded to fit my overall end goal for my students, which is to take what I teach them during their year with me and apply it to the real world. 
           There is no right way to teach and there is no wrong way to teach. As teachers we should be learning everyday right along with our kids to inspire them to become lifelong learners and to remind them that learning goes far beyond the classroom. Together we will write, read, and practice public speaking. We will work together to make sure you are prepared for high school.

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