Tiffani D. Leverett

Phone: 706-796-4918


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors Early Childhood Education Masters in Educational Technology Specialists in Educational Leadership Middle School Math Certified Georgia Master Teacher

Tiffani D. Leverett

HELLO!!!!!!!! It gives me great pleasure and honor to be the A.D. Hains Elementary Magnet STEM teacher.I have been teaching for 18 fun years and look forward to many more fun years of teaching! My favorite quote and one that I follow in my classroom is :

"Only limit to the height of your achievement is the reach of your dreams and the willingness to work for them."

Michelle Obama

Dedication    Resilence  Effort   Achievement   Meaningful


I represent half of our AWESOME STEM department here. The focus of my classes are Engineering and Math. I have coined using the term MATHGINEERING. 



The concept of using the Engineering Design Process to expose and build innovative thinking through the use of the eight mathematical practice standards to prepare students with 21st century skills by providing rigorous, equitable, and accessible education. 


My classroom is FIRM,  FAIR, and FUN!!!!   It is also a NO EXCUSE zone.





8:30-9:15 2nd Starks

9:20-10:05 SPED Orr

10:10-10:55 Stem Work towards Certification

11:00-11:45 3rd Courtright

11:45-12:15 LUNCH

12:20-1:05 1st Carpenter

1:10-1:55 STEM Dept. Collaborative Planning

2:00-2:45 K Ramos



8:30-9:15 2nd Dubose

9:20-10:05 4th Goodman

10:10-10:55 4th May

11:00-11:45 3rd Walker

11:45-12:15 LUNCH

12:20-1:05 1st Cincoski

1:10-1:55 Planning/ Prep

2:00-2:45 K Leonard



8:30-9:15 2nd Grade Teacher Collaboration Math STEM

9:20-10:05 4th Grade Teacher Collaboration Math STEM

10:10-10:55 5th Grade Teacher Collaboration Math STEM

11:00-11:45 3rd Grade Teacher Collaboration Math STEM

11:45-12:15 LUNCH

12:20-1:05 1st Grade Teacher Collaboraqtion Math STEM

1:10-1:55 Planning /Prep

2:00-2:45 K Grade Teacher Collaboration Math STEM



8:30-9:15 2nd Martinez

9:20-10:05 4th Armour

10:10-10:55 5th Sims

11:00-11:45 3rd Barnes

12:20-1:05 1st Milton

1:10-1:55 Collaborative Planning/Classroom Observations

2:00-2:45 K May



8:30-9:15 2nd Nessmith

9:20-10:05 5th Adger

10:10-10:55 5th Scott

11:00-11:45 3rd Alexander

11:45-12:15 LUNCH

12:20-1:05 1st Harris

1;10-1:55 Planning/Prep/ STEM Certification Work

2:00-2:45 K Pulaski