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    Priscilla Lyons, RN

    School Nurse

    Hephzibah High School and Hephzibah Elementary School


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  • Welcome back Hephzibah Rebels!  I'm excited to be working with our students, parents, and staff members for the 2020-2021 school term.  


    My name is Priscilla Lyons, RN, school nurse for Hephzibah High and Hephzibah Elementary School.  I am a graduate of Augusta State University, and have over 10 years of nursing experience in the Augusta area.  This is my second year working with the Richmond County Board of Education.  


    We are facing uncharted waters this school year, but with the procedures we have in place, we can focus on safety precautions to prevent the spread of bacteria.  Here are a few tips:


    -wear masks

    -wash our hands and use hand sanitizers more often

    -adhere to six feet social distancing

    -avoid sharing objects with other students, including water bottles, devices, writing instruments, and books

    -if you are not feeling well, tell an adult


    These are just a few things we can incorporate into our daily routine to minimize the spread of germs.


    We will be introducing the use of "isolation rooms" this year.  The purpose of this room is to separate individuals who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms from other individuals.  **It is recommended that sick students are to be picked-up within one hour of being contained.  If students are sick or have symptoms, PLEASE STAY AT HOME.  Some symptoms may include but are not limited to:  


    -cough/sore throat/shortness of breath

    -fever or chills

    -fatigue, muscle or body aches

    -vomiting or diarrhea


    -new loss of taste or smell


    Be cautious before coming to school to protect yourself and others.  Contact your child's pediatrician or medical doctor if symptoms are present.  Seek medical care immediately if symptoms are severe or concerning to you.


    Also, make sure your child(s) immunizations are all up-to-date.  Complete and return your childs, "Health Card".  This will inform staff members of any allergies that your child may have and any health accommodations request that your child may need.  If medicine(s) need to be given during school hours, complete the, "Administration of Medications" form.  No child will be given medication without a completed form with proper signature(s).  If you have any questions, please contact me.


    Thank you in joining our schools to keep our children safe, and I'm looking forward to a fabulous school year.


    Priscilla Lyons, RN

    School Nurse

    Hephzibah High School and Hephzibah Elementary School

    (706) 592-2089