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    Milestones Electronic Practice Test:



    Georgia Milestones Study/Resource Guide for Students and Parents (7th Grade)




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  • The grading rubric is as follows:


    100% =  Binder, Tabs Labeled, Notes and Classwork Present

    80% =  Binder Only, Notes Missing and/or Incomplete (+5 points for labeled tabs)

    75% =  Deemed a "Binder of Curiosity" meaning the binder presented by the student was unorganized, a collection of loose papers, all four subjects present but as randomly loose pages or spotty (no pattern present).

    70% =  All Composition and Spiral Notebooks receive a 70% out of 100 due to there being no place to place and maintain classwork worksheets each week. 

    (+5) points =  tabs are labeled and present even in an organized notebook will receive +5 points to their grade.

    0% =  Everything not mentioned above. For example, no math binder at all through the week provided or admittance to not having a math binder or any place where they keep track of their notes. 

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  • For clarity of the completion window, students are to complete 60 minutes of I-Ready lessons and pass at least three from Monday to Saturday of each week.

    Time will always reset each Sunday making that ground zero for the new week ahead. Each I-Ready week's tracking ends at midnight on each Saturday.

    Sunday completion DOES NOT total into the prior week's digital/electronic tracker but instead is counted towards the next Monday-to-Saturday segment. 

    Grading Rubric is as follows:

    -100% =  60 minutes and 3 lessons passed

    -90% =  60 minutes and 2 lessons passed

    -80% =  60 minutes and 1 lesson passed

    -60% =  60 minutes or more minutes with 0 lessons passed. 


    ***Note: If only 42 minutes are completed, that is only 42 points out of 100 for the week that will be entered as that week's I-Ready grade. If the student has completed 42 minutes and passed 1 lesson, then the total is 62 points out of 100. For clarity, 42 minutes + 20 points for the lesson passed).

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  • Welcome to Ms. Richardson's 7th Grade Math Class! I’m looking forward to using Remind, as well as this webpage to share school news, updates, announcements, and more. Thank you for visiting!

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Ms. Juanita Richardson

Phone: 706-619-1231 (text-ability only; please name student and yourself)


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Ms. Juanita Richardson


My name is Ms. Richardson and I was born and raised here in the CSRA. As an Augusta native, I LOVE OUR CITY! To share this appreciation, I've been investing in our future through teaching and nurturing the growth of our next generation – our students. My daughters, Tiffany and Londynn, currently attend our neighboring school at Willis-Foreman Elementary. If they were to describe me, they'd say I'm funny. If my parents were to describe me, they'd say I'm disciplined. If my friends were to describe me, they'd say I'm a great motivator. 

Teaching is an art. However, growing the minds and talents of our youth during such a critical stage in life is a passion! I am eager to provide a healthy, safe, and consistent classroom environment to feed growth in our school's youth to make our community better as a whole.