• My grading policy follows the county grading policy.

    Daily grades (participation in PE or class work in Health) = 60%

    Test grades (physical tests in PE or quizzes and tests in Health) = 30%

    Homework (practicing skills in PE or paper assignments in Health) = 10%.

    Please make a point of visiting the Infinite Campus site to follow your child's grades weekly. 

    Feel free to contact me via email of you have concerns or questions about your child's academic success.


    Lori Wooley


  • Coach Lori L. Wooley


    Middle School Health & Physical Education teacher

    3925 Harper Franklin Avenue

    Augusta, GA 30909

    706-821-2766 (school tele#)

    706-228-2403 (school fax)

  • Congrats! We have completed half of the first year at Belair K8!

    As we start the 3rd quarter, please enter the class with an open mind to try new sports and read to learn new things!

    EVERYONE NEEDS 1 PACK OF NOTECARDS.....BY MONDAY, JANUARY 14, 2019. I have been reminding you every day since the beginning of the semester. Be responsible and get your supplies to be ready for class!

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  • Every person in every class needs a pack of notecards.

    Please get these ASAP so that you can complete the Writing Component daily. You will use one a day in my class. Be prepared for class! Being prepared increases your chance of being successful!!!

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  • Parents and students:

    Please make sure you are keeping up with your most current grades by checking Infinite Campus. I input grades every week so that you always know where you stand in my class. If you ever have questions about a grade or an assignment, please do not hesitate to contact me. I return all emails within 48 hours.

    I look forward to watching each child succeed in my class!

    Coach Lori Wooley


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