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There are no current assignments.

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    Hermell Davis 

    davishe@boe.richmond. k12.ga.us

    706 592 3730

    Tutoring hours: 7:45am - 8:45am on Tuesdays 

  • Spanish I-  2020

    Miss Hermell Davis

    706-592-3730  fax: 706-592-3730


    Welcome to Spanish I class!

    Welcome to Spanish I! This course is designed to provide students with some vocabulary and structures to be used in different situations through practicing language skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking.  Technology will be incorporated into the curriculum. Students are expected to have access to the internet for class or at home. This course is for 8th grade level and is worth 1.0 high school foreign language credit.

     Supply List

    ·          notebook OR folder to keep student work.

    ·         Bilingual dictionary, Spanish-English / English / Spanish (Paper or Cell Phone App)

    ·         Paper

    ·         Pencils

    ·         Ear buds or headphones

    ·         Hand sanitizer

    ·         If you are looking to donate one optional item to the classroom, we always need tissues, Clorox wipes, pencils, paper and packs of construction paper hand sanitizer 

    Notes ( Grades)

    Assignments 25%
    Projects: 25%
    Quizzes: 25%
    Participation 25%

    (Canvas Modules) 
    ·         Cheating, lying and plagiarism will result in a failing grade for the assignment and an office referral as outlined in the student handbook.

    ·         Turn in homework, papers and projects on time. 5% of the grade will be automatically deducted by the gradebook for each late day.

    ·         Quizzes may be attempted twice. Assignments may be attempted 3 times.

    Class Rules ( Classroom Rules and Procedures)

    ·         RESPECT Yourself, Others, the Classroom and the Learning Process

    ·         Be ON TIME for class.

    ·         Be in your seat and READY TO WORK when the bell begins to ring. 

    ·         Follow your teacher's instructions.

    ·         Bring Materials to class.

    ·         Raise your hand to participate or ask a question.

    ·         Do not stand up and walk around unless asked to. Please stay in your seat during instruction.

    ·         If you are absent, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to catch up on missed classwork and homework.

    ·         Electronic devices are only allowed to be used for educational purposes such as accessing Canvas, Duolingo, playing Kahoot with the class, accessing Quizlet, accessing your school email, or using an app for a bilingual dictionary. (A technology supplement list of approved apps is attached to this syllabus.) Following two warnings for inappropriate use of technology, the student's phone will be turned in to the office and the student will receive both a minor referral and a phone call home. YOU are responsible for the security of your own devices.

    Consequences ( Consequences)

    ·         Verbal Warning

    ·         Parent Contact

    ·         Administrative Referral

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