• Perry Bovan, Room 710


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    Honor's Chem 5th Period: SQT5-W2CG-6RDNK

    Honor's Chem 6th Period: S8VW-NBHK-JJ8XR





    I am looking forward to my second year teaching chemistry at ARJ.  I come working many years in the nuclear industry. The majority of those years was spent in the Health and Safety Department along with several years in engineering.  My experience in education has been short but very rewarding.  This is definite a labor of love.  Students entering my classroom can look forward to a challenging but fun way at learning about the chemistry.  Everything that surrounds us involves chemistry; therefore, students can expect to apply abstract theory and concepts with things that we experience around us everyday.  Again, welcome and I look forward to having you in my classroom.

    Students I'm looking forward to a productive school year for our 2019-20 chemistry class. I hope you come with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.  Science excites me and I hope you can share in my enjoyment.  Be prepared to gain a more in-depth understanding of the workings of atoms and molecules as it relates to our daily surroundings.


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