• Name : Jane Leonard
    Email: leonaja@boe.richmond.k12.ga.us
    Grade(s): 1-2
    Subject(s): Reading & Math

  • As an Augmented teacher, I review/reteach Reading and Math skills that are being taught in your child's classroom, as your child may need more time and strategies for mastering the skills/standards being taught. However, I first focus on the basic skills/foundations that may still be difficult for your child, and/or they simply have not mastered yet! As those basic skills are crucial for your child to retain, so they are able to build upon those basic skills.

    As a result, the goal is that this will allow them to move forward and master the grade level standards/skills being taught in their homeroom classes, or at least show growth in the necessary areas, by doing lots of repetition, hands on activities, and specific strategies in both Reading and Math.

    With this being said, it is recommended that the students spend 45 minutes at a time, with no more than 6 students in a group, in my classroom so that students can get more individualize attention. My schedule includes Reading, as the focus, 3 days a week and Math, as the focus 2 days a week. Again, my goal is to help your child perform on, or as close to their grade level by the end of the school year.