P.E. Days: T,W,Th(Tennis Shoes Required)

    Grammar, Reading, and Spelling Tests will be given weekly.

    Don't Forget to send BOX TOPS

    Practice x Facts 



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    IB Attitude: Creative

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    Eloise Tabb

    Artwork displayed

    Georgia-Carolina State Fair

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    December 9th 5:30pm

    Holiday Joy Night

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    Holiday Meal

    December 18th


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    December 12th

    Weekly Folder

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    December  2nd

    Return to School

    December 3rd-4th

    Beta Club Competition

    December 9th

    Holiday Joy Night

    December 13th

    AR Party

    December 18th

    Holiday  Meal (K-2nd)

    December 19th

    Holiday Meal (3rd-5th)

    December 20th

    End of 2nd Nine Weeks

    Taylor's Team Holiday Celebration

    December 23rd-January 3rd

    Holiday Break-No School


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    Eloise Tabb               12/06

    Zhoee Williams         12/17

    Rosie Williams          12/18

    DeShawn Bender      12/20

    Adriane Henley         12/30










  • Monday,December 9

    Reading:  Daily Reading Week 16 Day 1

    Math: Page 172 (5-12)

    Science/Health:  Study for Fossil Test

    Social Studies: Wear Tennis Shoes ( T, W,Th)

    Spelling: Correct Pretest/Study Rules

    Grammar: Study Comma Rules

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    Tuesday,December 10

    Reading:  Daily Reading Week 16 Day 2

    Math: Pages 174-175 (5-14)

    Science/Health:  Study for Fossil Test

    Social Studies: Wear Tennis Shoes (W, Th)

    Spelling: Complete Practice Sheet/Study Rules

    Grammar:  Complete Practice Sheet/Study Rules

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    Wednesday,December 11

    Reading:  Daily Reading Week 16 Day 3

    Math: Practice Sheet

    Science/Health: NONE

    Social Studies: NONE

    Spelling: Complete Practice Sheet/Study Rules

    Grammar: Complete Practice Sheet/Study Rules

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    Thursday,December 12

    Reading:  Daily Reading Week 16 Day 4

    Math: Page 176 (8-16)

    Science/Health: NONE

    Social Studies: Bring Gift for Gift Exchance

    Spelling: Complete Practice Sheet/Study Rules

    Grammar: Complete Practice Sheet/Study Rules

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    Friday,December 13

    Reading:  Read AR Book/Complete I-Ready Lesson

    Math: Practice x  Facts (FIM)/Complete I-Ready Lesson

    Social Studies: Remember Gift for Gift exchange

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  • Name: Regina Taylor 
    Grade: Third
    Subjects: All