Happy New Year!

  • I hope everybody had a safe Christmas break and is ready to start the new year. Now that we are in the second part of the year we are going to continue to prepare for the Georgia Milestone. Although we are going to do our part in the school building, somethings that studentss can do at home are

    1. 30 minitues of Reading Plus daily (2 reading lessons & 1 vocabulary lesson) 
    2. 30 minutes of IReady reading daily
    3. 10 minutes of reading their favorite book or article daily

    I'm proud of the progress that my students have made from August to now. Let's continue to put in the work, so the great results can show!

    Any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at Let's continue to be great Jaguars! 



    Mr. Bennett

    7th Grade ELA

    W.S. Hornsby Middle School